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Current Trainees

Eric Anderson PicEric Anderson, PhD
PhD Institution: University at Buffalo
Postdoc Mentor: Udai Pandey, PhD
Project Title: Muscleblind is a novel modifier of FUS-associated Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) through modulating FUS interactions with cytoplasmic stress granules.


Christopher Bodle PicChristopher Bodle, PhD
PhD Institution: University of Iowa
Postdoc Mentor: J. Timothy Greenamyre,MD,PhD
Project Title:Identification and investigation of adenosine A2A receptor expression in mitochondria; implications for Parkinsons disease.


Joe Brague PicJoe Brague, PhD
PhD Institution: Lehigh University
Postdoc Mentor: Rebecca Seal,PhD
Project Title:Identifying the Mechanisms Underlying the Normalization of Motor Behavior of Vglut3 Knockout mice in a 6-OHDA model of Parkinson's Disease.


Dika Kuljis PicDika Kuljis, PhD
PhD Institution: University of California Los Angeles
Postdoc Mentor: Alison Barth, PhD
Project Title: Fluorescence-based tools for synapse quantitation and connectomicsn


Patricia de la Tremblaye PicPatricia de la Tremblaye, PhD
PhD Institution: University of Ottawa
Postdoc Mentor: Anthony E. Kline, PhD
Project Title: Long-term effects of adolescent chronic stress on cognitive and emotional impairments in adult male TBI rats: Role of cannabinoid CB₁ receptors in the modulation of recovery


Rashid V. Williams-Garcia PicRashid V. Williams-Garcia, PhD
PhD Institution: Indiana University Bloomington
Postdoc Mentor: Nathan N. Urban, PhD and G. Bard Ermentrout, PhD
Project Title: Investigating the neural basis of sensory deficits in autism spectrum disorders


Current DSF Fellows


Christina Cerkevich PicChristina Cerkevich, PhD
PhD Institution: Vanderbilt Univeristy
Postdoc Mentor: Peter L. Strick, PhD
Project Title: 1.Finding the Neural Basis for the Control of Vocalization 2.Cortical Control of Vocalization


Alan Degenhart PicAlan Degenhart, PhD
PhD Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Postdoc Mentor: Aaron Batista, PhD
Project Title: 1.Investigating the neural correlates of motor learning and adaptation through the use of brain-computer interfaces 2.Self-recalibrating brain-computer interfaces based on population subspace alignment


Priyabrata Halder PicPriyabrata Halder, PhD
PhD Institution: National Brain Research Centre, Gurgaon, India
Postdoc Mentor: Rebecca Seal, PhD
Project Title:Identifying the dorsal horn circuitry and ascending tracts for inflammatory and nerve injury induced allodynia and hyperalgesia.


Kelly SmithPicKelly Smith, PhD
PhD Institution: University of Newcastle, Australia
Postdoc Mentor: Sarah Ross, PhD
Project Title:Dorsal horn circuits involved in pain and itch.

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