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NIH Training in the Neurobiology of Neurological Disease Interview Evaluation

Please rate the applicant in each of the following categories, using the scale of 1 (top) to 6 (bottom). Use the entire scale, assuming that we are likely to support applicants in the top half of the range (i.e. from 1 to 3). Click here for the rating scale descriptions.

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Date of Interview:

Research Experience (technical, writing, experimental planning):

Ability to discuss their prior research:

Basis for selecting field, proposed advisor and/or training program:

Ability to discuss their planned research while a trainee:

Likelihood of a successful research career:

Compared with other applicants, how would you rate this candidate:

Overall Impression of Candidate:

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Training in the Neurobiology of Neurological Disease Rating Scale for Postdoctoral Candidates

Rating Translation
1 Outstanding. One of the very best applicants I have ever met.
2 Excellent. I would eagerly take this person into my lab. I am confident that they will do very well, both as a trainee and as a professional in later years.
3 Good, although there is some flaw. Nonetheless, there is reason for optimism and I would consider taking this person into my laboratory.
4 Borderline. There is a serious flaw. One wonders if this person can succeed. Possible reevaluation at a later date (6 months from now).
5 I would not take this person and would encourage others not to do so, either.
6 Flaws that in my opinion simply cannot be overcome. Risk too high to warrant acceptance.
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