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Training Faculty Degree Research Interest
Aizenman, Elias PhD Cellular and molecular signaling processes in neurodegeneration
Albers, Kathy M PhD Growth factors and sensory neuron function in pain and nerve injury
Barth, Alison PhD Neocortical plasticity
Batista, Aaron P PhD Sensory-Motor Integration
Behmann, Marlene PhD Psychological and neural bases of visual cognition
Berman, Sarah B MD, PhD Mitochondrial dynamics in neurodegeneration
Boninger, Michael MD Bioengineering, Rehabilitation Technology
Chen, Jun MD Molecular biology of stroke and Parkinson's disease
Cohen, Marlene PhD Vision, attention, and visually-guided decisions
Colby, Carol L PhD Cognitive neuroscience
Davis, Brian M PhD Growth factors in development and adult plasticity of the central and perip
DeFranco, Donald B PhD Glucocorticoid regulation of neurodevelopment
Erickson, Kirk I PhD Neuroplasticity, aging, and prevention
Fiez, Julie A PhD Reward-related processing, articulatory and phonological processes in working memory, neuroal basis of language
Friedlander, Robert M PhD Mechanistic Pathways of Neurodegeneration
Furman, Joseph M PhD Vestibular function, dizziness
Gianaros, Peter PhD Characterization of Neural Circuits, Diseases & Disorders
Gold, Michael S PhD Peripheral mechanisms of pain
Grace, Anthony A PhDNeurophysiology of basal ganglia system related to psychiatric disorders
Greenamyre, J Timothy MD, PhD Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Holt, Lori L PhD Auditory cognitive neuroscience
Homanics, Gregg E PhD Mechanisms of alcohol and anesthetic action
Kandler, Karl PhD Development of auditory circuits
Kline, Anthony E PhD Motor and cognitive recovery after traumatic brain injury, pharmacotherapy, environmental enrichment, neurotransmitters, neural plasticity
Lewis, David A MD Functional architecture of the prefrontal cortex and schizophrenia
Lillien, Laura PhD Developmental CNS disorders
Luna, Beatriz PhD Brain basis underlying the transition from adolescent to adult level voluntary control of behavior (working memory, response inhibition, reward processing, arousal). fMRI, DTI and oculomotor methods are used.
McClung, Colleen PhD Molecular basis of psychiatric disorders
Perez, Monica A PhD Motor control in humans
Price, Julie C PhD PET imaging methods
Rubio, Maria E MD, PhD Central auditory plasticity
Schuman, Joel MD Imaging of the eye, Laser-tissue interactions, Aqueous outflow, Clinical pharmacology
Schwartz, Andrew B PhD Systems neuroscience, neural engineering
Sibille, Etienne L PhD Molecular biology of depression and aging
Strick, Peter L PhD The control of voluntary movement by the cerebral cortex, the functional or
Sved, Alan F PhD Central neural control of the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular function
Tarr, Michael PhD Visual cognition
Torregrossa, Mary PhD Drug and alcohol addiction
Torres-Oviedo, Gelsy PhD Motor learning and rehabilitation of human balance and locomotion
Turner, Robert S PhD Neural control of movement and movement disorders
Tzounopoulos, Thanos PhD Synaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity, sensory systems
Urban, Nathan PhD Olfactory system physiology and circuitry
Wagner, Amy K MD Gender and genetics in traumatic brain injury
Wiley, Clayton A MD, PhD Mechanisms of neurodegeneration during viral infection
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