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Executive Committee Degree Research Interest
Albers, Kathy M PhD Growth factors and sensory neuron function in pain and nerve injury
Chu,Charleen T MD,PhD Cell Biology of Parkinson's Disease: Mitochondrial homeostasis, cell signaling and autophagy in neurodegeneration
Cui, Xinyan Tracy PhD Research interest: Nano-structured smart polymer films for drug delivery and biosensing
Greenamyre, J Timothy MD, PhD Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Hastings, Teresa G PhD Oxidative mechanisms associated with neurodegeneration
Homanics, Gregg E PhD Mechanism(s) of action of alcohol and anesthetics
Lillien, Laura PhD Developmental CNS disorders
Meriney, Stephen D PhD Mechanisms that control synaptic plasticity in the nervous system
Rubin, Jonathan E PhD Spatiotemporal pattern formation in coupled cell networks
Strick, Peter L PhD CNS circuits of motor and cognitive functions; motor skill acquisition and retention; functional imaging
Seal, Rebecca PhD Elucidating the circuitry that drives behavior normally and in disease
Torres-Oviedo, Gelsy PhD Motor learning and rehabilitation of human balance and locomotion
Turner, Robert S PhD Neural control of movement and movement disorders
Wiley, Clayton A MD, PhD Mechanisms of neurodegeneration during viral infection
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