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How to Apply:

Prior to application, applicants must select and obtain acceptance from a research mentor chosen from the list of T32 training faculty or from members of the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh (CNUP) who are engaged in NINDS-funded research.

Please email all application documents to Melissa Florent: mef90@pitt.edu.

DEADLINE: All application materials, including nomination and recommendation letters, must be submitted by April 23, 2018.

After inital review of applications, some applicants will be asked to schedule interviews with members of the T32 Executive Faculty Committee( May 1- May 21 , 2018)


1 A curriculum vitae.
2 A brief summary of your research accomplishments and research plan. This should include a description of past training and accomplishments (undergraduate research experience, PhD thesis research, relevant laboratory rotations, presentations at meetings, etc.). Please indicate why you chose the area of research, why you chose the mentor’s laboratory, and highlight what you will learn in your postdoctoral training. Include the specific aims and a brief description of the proposed project. Page limit: 1 to 3 pages.
3 A summary of your neuroscience coursework. This can be a transcript or a written general summary of courses and grades.
4 A statement indicating the relationship between your interests and training to problems of neurological disease. Page limit: 1 paragraph to 2 pages.
5 A statement of your long-term career objectives. Please state your future plans. How long do you plan to remain a post-doctoral scientist? Do you plan to become a Principal Investigator in a tenure track position at a university, teach in a small college, move to a company, work in science policy, etc.? Explain how the training that you will obtain on the training grant will help you to achieve your future career goals. Page limit: 1-2 paragraphs.
6 A letter of nomination and brief statement of the proposed research from your faculty sponsor, including sponsor’s statement of the funding available to support the your research. This can be submitted by the applicant or the sponsor. Page limit: 1 page.
7 Three additional letters of recommendation focusing on past accomplishments and future potential. These can be submitted by the applicant or the recommender.
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