Department of Neurobiology

Departmental Seminar Series

Tuesdays, 12:00 noon, Room 6014 BST3
(unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Research Interests Talk Title
1495 BSTWR
John Adelman
potassium channels, proteomics, Ca2+-activated, synaptic plasticity SK channels: A story of synaptic serendipity
10/25/11 Camillo Padoa-Schioppa
Washington University in St. Louis
Neuronal mechanisms of economic choice and decision making tba
1495 BSTWR
Victor Faundez
Emory University
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of endosomal membrane trafficking in neuronal systems tba
11/08/11 Robert Ferrante
University of Pittsburgh
Neuropathology and mechanisms of neurodegeneration in adult-onset neurological diseases tba
01/10/12 John A. Buford
Ohio State University Medical Center
neural control of movement Combined corticospinal and reticulospinal control of reaching
02/07/11 Nirupa Chaudhari
University of Miami
uses a combination of gene expression profiling, molecular and functional analyses to examine taste function from initial molecular recognition to transduction to synaptic transmission to sensory coding tba
03/13/12 Molly Huntsman
GW Medical Center
functional roles for specialized inhibitory circuits in synaptic plasticity, sensory processing and the plasticity of disease tba
03/27/12 William Spain
University of Washington
mechanisms by which central neurons code information under normal conditions and how those processes are altered in neurological disease Coding with precisely times spikes: problems and solutions
04/03/12 Matthew Howard III
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
neural mechanisms in the human brain that underlie sensory, perceptual and cognitive processes related to hearing, speech, language and emotional behavior Neurosurgical Studies of Normal Human Brain Physiology
05/22/11 Anatol Kreitzer
Synaptic plasticity and circuit function in the basal ganglia tba

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