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Seminar Title

October 25, 2005

Xandra Breakefield, Ph.D.
Department of Neurology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Neurogenetics Unit
Boston, Maine
How does mutant torsinA cause torsion dystonia - exploring functions
November 29, 2005

Bruno B. Averbeck, Ph.D. Research Scientist Center for Visual Science Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences University of Rochester

Prefrontal representation of learning in a sequential decision making task
January 10, 2006
Joseph Gleeson Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of
University of California
San Diego
Mechanisms of neuronal development mediated by the doublecortin gene family
January 31, 2006
Arnold Kriegstein, MD, Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Stem Cell and Tissue Biology
University of California
San Francisco
Neural stem and progenitor cells in the developing cortex
February 14, 2006
Bai Lu, Ph.D.
Senior Investigator
Laboratory of Developmental
Neurobiology, NICHD
Porter Neuroscience Research Ctr.
Bethesda, Maryland
BDNF regulates both short-term and long-term memory
March 7, 2006
Peter Somogyi, Ph.D.
Department of Neurobiology
MRC Unit Director
Oxford, UK
Cell type and brain state dependent spike timing in hippocampal network oscillations
April 4, 2006
Nicholas C Spitzer, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
University of California,
San Diego, California
Activity-dependent transmitter specification and receptor matching
April 11, 2006

Joanna L Jankowsky, Ph.D.
Division of Biology
California Institute of Technology

Modulating the progression of Alzheimer's disease: How mouse models can inform our expectations of human interventions

April 17, 2006
Andrea G Hohmann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Neuroscience and Behavior Program, Department of Psychology, University of Georgia
Role of Cannabinoids in Nociceptive Processing

April 20, 2006
Thursday 11:30AM

Randy Bruno, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
Heidelberg, Germany
Strengths & Weaknesses of Thalamocortical Synapses in Vivo
May 2, 2006
Mary C Mullins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Patterning and morphogenesis of the vertebrate embryo: BMPs and behyond

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