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Koerber, H. Richard
Professor, Neurobiology
Ph.D., West Virginia University (1981)
Address: W1447 BSTWR
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   Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2548
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Peripheral and central processing of pain

Research interests in Dr. Koerber's laboratory include several projects designed to investigate the processing of somatosensory information following injury. These studies include examinations of plasticity in the processing of both tactile and pain information. Recent studies have documented compensatory reorganization of spinal networks following peripheral nerve injury and subsequent regeneration. These studies have demonstrated many aspects of synaptic reorganization, including reshaping of cutaneous receptive fields, alterations in synaptic efficacy and the formation of new functional connections between sensory fibers and dorsal horn neurons.

Ongoing experiments in the lab focus on plasticity in both primary sensory neurons and central spinal networks involved in pain pathways. Initial studies have quantitatively compared the properties of normal and post-injury cutaneous nociceptive sensory neurons. Results of these studies demonstrate that specific types of nociceptive sensory neurons demonstrate differing degrees of sensitization commensurate with the type of injury. Parallel studies using genetically-altered animals have assessed the roles that specific neurotrophins and/or the GDNF family of neurotrophic factors may play in this process. The aims of future studies are to determine how changes in the expression of these growth factors in the skin following injury can lead to changes in afferent fiber sensitivity. Possible mechanisms for this sensitization include modulating the expression of mechanically and thermally sensitive ion channels (e.g. ASIC and TRP channels) and G-protein coupled receptors (P2Y1 and Mrgprd). In addition to genetically altered mice, more recent projects employ a novel in vivo siRNA strategy that allows for the investigation of the potential roles of specific channels and receptors at the molecular level.

Trainees in Dr. Koerber's laboratory have the opportunity to learn a variety of neurophysiological, neuroanatomical, behavioral, and molecular biological techniques. These techniques allow for a robust examination of the response characteristics of the adult and developing nervous system to injury.

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