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Megan Brady PicMegan Brady
PhD Institute: Univeristy of New Mexico
Postdoc Mentor: Tija Jacob
Project Title: The role of α5-containing GABAAR synaptic signaling in neuronal maturation


Sharonda Harris PicSharonda Harris
PhD Institute: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Postdoc Mentor: Gonzalo Torres
Project Title: The Role of Gβγ Subunits in Amphetamine-induced dopamine efflux


Elizabeth Hirshorn PicElizabeth Hirshorn
PhD Institute: University of Rochester
Postdoc Mentor: Julie Fiez
Project Title: Examining the Neurobiological Foundations of Word and Face Processing using Intracranial EEG


Jami Saloman PicJami Saloman
Phd Institute: University of Maryland, Baltimore
Postdoc Mentor: Brian Davis
Project Title: 1. The role of the nervous system in the progression of pancreatic cancer 2. Somatic and visceral pain mediated plasticity of the peripheral and central nervous system


DSF Fellows

Eva Bach PicEva Bach
PhD Institute: Univeristy of Kentucky
Postdoc Mentor: Karl Kandler
Project Title: Long-term potentiation in the developing MNTB-LSO pathway


Briana De Miranda PicBriana De Miranda
PhD Institute: Colorado State University
Postdoc Mentor: Tim Greenamyre
Project Title: Neuroprotective mechanisms of gene therapy in Parkinson's disease


Jason Justice PicJason Justice
PhD Institute: Texas A & M
Postdoc Mentor: Elias Aizenman
Project Title: Exploring the role of KV2.1 in neuronal function and dysfunction


John Pyles PicJohn Pyles
PhD Institute: Univ. of California, Irvine
Postdoc Mentor: Michael Tarr
Project Title: Functional Sub-regions and White Matter Connectivity of Superior Temporal Sulcus

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