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Date Speaker Research Interests Talk Title
Thursday 4PM
1495 BSTWR
Jamie Moy
The University of Texas at Dallas
Translation mechanisms in the context of pathological pain plasticity Translation regulation in pain plasticity
Thursday 4PM
1495 BSTWR
postdoc candidate:
Eric R. Starr
University of Toledo
Electrophysiological, biochemical and behavioral characteristics underlying stress-induced synaptic plasticity within the autonomic nervous system Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide and Synaptic Plasticity at Autonomic Cholinergic Synapses
Tuesday 4PM
Ballroom A, University Club
Karen Duff
Columbia University Medical Center
Treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases Spread of Tauopathy; Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities
Wednesday 12PM
1495 BSTWR
Thomas Kilduff
SRI International
Sleep disorders and the neurobiology of sleep Cortical nNOS/NK1R Neurons: A Critical Role in EEG Slow Wave Activity and Sleep Homeostasis?
Wednesday 12PM
6014 BST 3
Leah Byrne
University of Pittsburgh
Viral vector engineering, genome editing, gene therapy for retinal disease Engineering adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy
Thursday 1-3:30PM
6014 BST 3

Michele Basso
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior, Brain Research Institute, UCLA more

Christos Constantinidis
Wake Forest University more

Stefan Everling
Physiology and Pharmacology, Robarts Research Institute, Western University more

Investigating the role of Basal ganglia and the superior colliculus in saccadic eye movement decision-making

Relationship between neuronal activity in the cerebral cortex and cognitive functions

Neural correlates of executive control using functional magnetic resonance imaging, electrophysiology, behavioural experiments

A role for the basal ganglia - superior colliculus circuit in decision-making

Circuits of working memory and response inhibition in the adolescent macaque

The common marmoset as a primate model for functional imaging and cognitive neuroscience

Tuesday 4PM
Ballroom A, University Club
Nicholas Hatsopoulos
University of Chicago
Neural basis of motor control and learning Large-scale Spatio-Temporal Patterning in Motor Cortex
Wednesday 12PM
6014 BST 3
Srivatsun Sadagopan
University of Pittsburgh
Understanding the circuit mechanisms by which the brain extracts meaningful signals from noise Cortical mechanisms underlying real-world sound perception
Wednesday 10AM
6014 BST 3
Hongjun Fu
Taub Institute, Columbia University Medical Center
Neuronal vulnerability in early Alzheimer's disease Selective vulnerability of excitatory neurons to tau pathology in Alzheimer's disease
Wednesday 1PM
6014 BST 3
Daoyun Ji
Baylor College of Medicin
How the neural circuits in the brain encode, consolidate, and retrieve memories Spatial Memory Code and its Breakdown in Dementia
Thursday 4PM
Takashi Sato
University of Tübingen
Function and structure of neural circuits underlying behaviour Neural Basis of Communication Between Sensory and Motor Areas in Cerebral Cortex
Tuesday 12PM
1695 BSTWR
Andrew Arrant
The University of Alabama Birmingham
Neurobiology of age-related conditions affecting cognition Therapeutic and Mechanistic Insights from a Progranulin-insufficient Mouse Model of Frontotemporal Dementia
Monday 1:30PM
1495 BSTWR
R. Christopher Pierce
University of Pennsylvania
Neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse The Sins of the Fathers: Transgenerational Effects of Paternal Cocaine
Wednesday 1PM
6014 BST
Soyon Hong
Harvard Medical School and Boston's Children's Hospital
Neurodegenerative diseases and immunohistochemistry More than bystanders—Microglia destruct synapses in Alzheimer’s disease
Thursday 2PM
1495 BSTWR
Tim Bartels
Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases, Harvard Medical School
Research of protein folding in health and disease Conformational changes of alpha-Synuclein in Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Tuesday 4PM
University Club, Ballroom A
Michael Shadlen
Columbia University
Consciousness and decision making The Neurobiology of Decision Making: A Window on Cognition

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